Flexible outsourcing solutions during Covid-19

Helping your business navigate through Covid-19

We are now into our 2nd year of the global pandemic and whilst business recovery has been rapid, it is far from complete with several regions and sectors lagging. Notwithstanding the societal impacts on businesses that have had to close completely, for those who continued during the last 24 months, they have faced huge challenges and have had to adapt to accommodate home working for their staff, whilst providing all the same levels of work control, security and productivity.

With economic research reports suggesting that UK business failures are set to increase by 33% on pre-pandemic levels, business leaders are expecting the business landscape to remain unpredictable. And with 52% of UK companies struggling to pay supplier invoices, many businesses will see their cashflow negatively impacted.

Before and during the pandemic, we have successfully provided strategic solutions to private and public sector companies. Some have struggled to make the transition to remote working, and some have required additional support to help them operate efficiently in the current work climate. Many have required support where their current (often overseas) offshore services provider has temporarily shut down their services due to the lack of infrastructure to enable efficient and secure home working. For many companies, this resulted in either temporarily terminating a proportion of their services or bringing these functions back in-house. Neither option is appealing in business – the first will reduce sales and cash flow, the latter can create a bottleneck at a time when many businesses are already operating with a reduced workforce. We have also continued to work with our clients to help improve cashflow, reduce day sales outstanding and reduce capital cost through our credit control and debt recovery services, which are all the more crucial during these turbulent times.

If you are looking for external support solutions, Controlaccount provides over fifty outsourced services which facilitate business continuity, increased productivity and improved cash flow whilst reducing operating costs. We can support your business during the Covid-19 crisis and beyond; our services are contract free, can be taken ad-hoc and can fill any short or long term need you may have. Perhaps you have furloughed staff and need short-term resource to aid your workload, or maybe you need ongoing call centre support – whatever your requirement we offer flexible outsourced solutions to fit your workflow, needs and budget.

All our services are fully scalable, client branded and can be stopped or paused whenever you need to, putting you back in control.

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