Business Process Outsourcing

CA's White Labelled support services are Efficient, Flexible and Scalable, allowing you more time to strengthen core business processes

Controlaccount recognises that customers' needs can range from specific call centre campaigns and complex collection capabilities to applying simple enhancements to credit control or debt recovery processes. We have the capability to provide part or full outsourcing solutions to clients either on a permanent or temporary basis. These solutions range from invoicing through to collection, credit control, call centre campaign management, automated letter and mail management, Sales & Digital Marketing, IT support and development to solutions for returned mail, data management and compliance, on-stop processes, payment allocation/ identification, dispute management and legal recovery.

Operating from the UK all CA services are designed around specific client requirements to provide effective and economical solutions that improve cash flow, reduce DSO, increase business sales, reduce back office costs and make functions more streamlined, reliable and flexible with seamless integration to existing systems. Deploying ready to use strategic solutions to organisations that provide auditable and transparent results.