Our core values encompass the standards upheld throughout every department and individual in our organisation. We aim to inspire our team with our dedication to transparency, ethicality and fairness.

We exist to serve our customers and our success will be determined by how we meet their needs and preform for them.

We do what we say we will do. Our people demonstrate a personal commitment to think and act responsibly towards customers, colleagues and the overall objectives of the company.

A dedicated team is a good team. We believe that thinking, planning, decision making and action taking are better when done co-operatively and we value the contribution of each person to the team' success.

Fairness is inherent in our approach. We will be consistent and even-handed in our procedures, policies and in dealing with others.

An open and accessible culture, constantly reviewing the ways in which we work in order to make sure we put the principles of transparency into practice.

The belief that success in all aspects of the business enables us to deliver on all our other values. Our Values are clear providing the framework for the way we conduct business and guide everything we do.