What does a hard Brexit mean for UK logistics?

 Thursday, 22nd October 2020 13:44

Quite a lot. If you are a UK importer/ exporter you will already be aware that from Jan 2021, this work will change significantly. The key implications are:

1: Paperwork and documentation

You will need more documentation in place. You also need IT backup to enable you to operate electronically (and not be reliant on having paper documents when exiting/ entering).

These include a GB Economic Operator Registration and Identification number (EORI) for your goods declarations. You can make your EORI application here and you may need more than one of these.

2: Goods declarations

The process of customs declarations will be more complicated (concerning EU countries especially) and Controlaccount has published a detailed blog about this here.

3: IT backup

You’ll need a suite of IT backup and new software. The most significant of these is the Smart Freight software system. This supports your documentation to smooth the import/ export process. You can find more details on the SmartFreight website.  

4: Storage

You may also need to make changes in terms of the way you lodge and store your goods. There are two options here. The Temporary Storage model allows imported goods to be stored at the frontier for up to 90 days before declaration, and the pre-lodgement model allows a customs declaration to be made in advance of travel.

Time is running out

Beware, even if your import and export requirements are small compared to some of the larger UK logistics operators, there are several actions you should take before the end of the year. Read our blog for the full background and actions to take.

Help and guidance

Whilst these are the main implications and changes, this list is not exhaustive. You can gain more information from HMRC and www.gov.uk and we also recommend Logistics UK and their Brexit hub.

Remember also that Controlaccount delivers a comprehensive suite of back-office, finance and IT business support services and we are here to guide you through all the import/ export complexities.

To find out how we can help, please call 01527 388 388 or email sales@controlaccount.com

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