Our People

Trained professionals, acting with integrity and achieving results

Our Team has been recruited for their technical skills, experience and ability to adhere to Controlaccount Core Values. Once into Controlaccount they receive regular feedback and training in order to achieve in their goals. Their personal objectives will be aligned to those of the Clients that they serve. They will become an extension of the Client team: protecting the Client’s business interests and reputation, irrespective of the role that they perform.

We believe that inherent skills to support us will be:

Communication – proactive, clear communication with customers, clients and within the Controlaccount team will ensure everyone is aligned and moving in the same direction. Our team members need to build relationships as well as being excellent individual contributors.

Teamwork and commitment – whether in the office or working remotely, working within the wider team is essential to achieve desired results and outcomes. Commitment to the assigned task or activity will ensure completion.

Problem Solving – our staff need to resolve issues encountered everyday – whether customer debts or payment issues, customer care queries or ensuring back office support activities or systems deliver on our commitments to our Clients.

Negotiation and persuasion – essential for our recovery and collections activities, such skills will be developed and enhanced to support the professional engagement with our Clients’ customers – even when they may be hostile with their communications. Specific to our Recovery, Credit Control and Collections services, our staff additionally take the Collector Accreditation Initiative (CAI) exam, which is part of our membership of the Credit Services Association (CSA) ensuring that we compliant with current legislation.

Attention to detail - diligence and accurate record keeping are key in order to deliver right first time – especially so for recovery processes to ensure customer communications and any agreements are well documented. This skill helps us to achieve and maintain our ISO9001 and ISO27001 certifications as well as ensure that we are fully compliant and protecting our Clients’ interests.

Training - We value Continuous Professional Development (CPD) and invest in the training and improvement of our teams, to ensure high levels of practice at all times.

Controlaccount welcomes visitors to our offices to observe our dedicated team in action. You can see how their expertise is applied in action in business or consumer environments across a variety of sectors including Commercial, Transportation & Logistics, Education, Healthcare, Veterinary and Insolvency Practitioners.

If you would like to arrange a visit or to talk about how Controlaccount might be able to help you, please contact us today.

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