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Omni-channel support services for customer contact management

Impactful, on-brand customer communication is vital to help you engage more effectively with your customers and prospects. Good communication will help you to understand your customer better and will result in improved brand loyalty and sales growth. Successful UK and global organisations understand the benefits of outsourcing to a selected specialist provider for any volume, branded customer care services, rather than manage these often fluctuating levels in house.

Controlaccount works with SMEs and global brand leaders enabling them to deliver better customer experiences at all its inbound and outbound touchpoints. We can help you manage any outgoing (or incoming) lettering including credit control and dunning letters, account updates, marketing mailshots and customer surveys via our branded lettering service. We also provide effective and professional inbound and outbound call management services through our multi-seat call centre which can support sales and advertising campaigns, query management, account management, routine credit control calls and bespoke customer service communications. All of our branded communication management services will enable your organisation to deliver focussed, efficient, customer-centric approaches.

Our teams will work with you to select the appropriate channel of communication for any inbound or outbound needs, putting processes and workflows in place with full reporting on activity and outcomes.

From lettering, calls, live chat functions, or email support, our omni-channel operations in our UK centres can operate 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, helping you to bridge time zones, streamline your CRM processes and enhance customer satisfaction.

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Our wide range of customer care services can support your business

If your business needs professional customer service support, we offer inbound or outbound omni-channel customer care solutions to suit your needs. At Controlaccout we have a customer-focused call centre with a passion for providing fantastic service.

Regardless of which industry you work in, every company should endeavour to deliver a world-class service to their customers, both existing and potential. For organisations that struggle with delivering this, perhaps due to resource constraints, limited equipment or unskilled employees, we can help them deliver fully integrated, outsourced customer care service solutions.

Our highly trained agents operating from our UK call centres provide support for the following areas: Branded Customer Care Services, Inbound Call Management, Outbound Call Management, Omni-Channel Customer Care Solutions, Email Support, Live Chat Support, Social Media Management, Customer Acquisition and Retention, Adhoc Call Campaigns, Business Reception, Out of Hours Support and Call Centre support. Whatever your requirement, we can offer the perfect stand alone or mix of services to uphold your customer care offering.

How our omni-channel support services work

Be it via chat, calls, email, or social media we operate our services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, all year-round to meet your customers’ needs and enhance customer satisfaction. We will help your company grow, improve client loyalty, and achieve all your business objectives with our outsourced customer care services. We understand the unexpected may arise at any time and when it comes to resolving issues, most prefer to speak directly with someone over the phone, so they can resolve their issues without delay. Using our outsourced call centre is popular with our clients to ensure that someone is always there to help, and we continuously invest in our agents and their training to make sure that they know as much about your operations, as you do.

Impeccable customer service is key to any successful business. Particularly in the UK’s service-led economy, customers need to feel supported, valued, and cared for by the companies they associate themselves with. We are proud to work with a wide range of organisations who benefit from our cost-effective customer care services that promote customer satisfaction and retention.

We work with successful UK and global organisations

SMEs through to global organisations utilise our customer care services, to improve call centre experience, increase agency efficiency and brand reputation by choosing the right channel of communication. Not one size fits all and we will advise on the best solutions for your business. Our wide-ranging services can be used on a long-term ongoing basis, or for a short term, or seasonal requirement.

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