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First impressions count. That’s why many businesses partner with Controlaccount to let us take care of any incoming enquiries to your offices.

Our dedicated, 24/7 UK based reception services provide an efficient, professional and friendly welcome to callers, making sure that each enquiry is directed to the correct office, department or team member. Our services are fast to set up, cost effective and utilise fully integrated, gold standard cloud-based Interactive Voice Response systems.

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A branded reception service can be a valuable asset to your business

The role of a receptionist is a vital one for many organisations. No matter the size, first impressions count, so when someone calls your business, you want to ensure they gain the best impression possible. A receptionist is a brand ambassador and a valuable asset so it’s important you get it right.

For some businesses, an in-house receptionist might be essential, particularly if there is a need for someone to physically meet and greet visitors. However, as workplaces have changed and evolved, many businesses no longer opt for a traditional front desk with dedicated reception staff as this approach can seem outdated and also be costly. Many businesses choose to outsource their reception requirements to a trusted provider such as Controlaccount. We provide a comprehensive service to our clients, handling all incoming enquiries in a professional, courteous, and friendly manner. The reception support we deliver is fast to set up, cost effective and utilises a fully integrated, gold standard cloud-based Interactive Voice Response system.

There are many benefits to outsourcing your reception support

With a professional company such as Controlaccount providing your business reception support, you have a dedicated receptionist to handle incoming calls in the name of your company. We get to know your business and your approach and are knowledgeable about what your organisation does. Calls will be dealt with in a friendly and qualified way and either directed to the relevant department, or messages can be taken which are then sent immediately by email or text to the right recipient. This creates the ideal first impression every time.

Our reception support is beneficial and cost effective

Partnering with Controlaccount to provide your reception support can offer huge value and take the stress away from you internal teams. Using our services is cost-effective as you avoid the overheads involved in employing an additional person to cover reception duties, and there is also no need to set aside time to train a new employee. Or an existing one at that. There is also no need to worry about sickness or holiday cover, and we operate our service 24/7 for those companies who require it, ensuring your customers can reach you whenever they need. This also means that a business can appear to be operating for extended hours and provides a greater degree of flexibility than an employed receptionist.

Our reception support service is flexible and bespoke to our clients business needs. Call answering can be put in place for the hours that benefit your business. It can be utilised during busy periods, or when an in-house receptionist is away. Our dedicated reception support can be in place to answer any calls which might otherwise be missed, as well as to cover staff holidays and other time off.

Reception support is flexible to your business needs

We enjoy partnering with business of all sizes, providing them with bespoke reception support to suit their particular needs. Working with Controlaccount ensures you never miss a call and provide outstanding customer service to your customers and clients, giving the very best impression. To hear more about our reception services, get in touch with one of the team here.

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