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Ageing and problematic debt – solved

Controlaccount has been successfully collecting commercial and consumer debt on behalf of leading brand names, small and mid-sized businesses, public and not-for-profit organisations for forty years.

Our debt collection methods are ethical, effective and transparent, with a focus on improving business cash flow, whilst preserving your customer relationships and reputation. Our services can be delivered on a no collect, no fee arrangement and working within applicable statutes and regulations including the Late Payment Commercial Debt Act 1998.

Our bespoke ClientWeb online portal provides our customers with up to date activity on all accounts placed with us, giving you full control at all times. Our CAI accredited collection teams conduct themselves courteously and professionally and have a full understanding of the exact course of action to resolve outstanding debt issues.

Controlaccount is a founding member of the Credit Services Association and its guidelines are woven into our everyday processes, giving you complete peace of mind.

For more information on our sector experience and how we may be able to help you, please contact us today.

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Commercial and consumer debt recovery services

Controlaccount is a UK debt collection agency. We have been collecting commercial debt in all its forms for over forty years and we are recognised by our clients for our provision of compliant, ethical debt recovery services on a no-collect, no-fee basis.

Our client portfolio includes some of the world’s most recognisable brands from the transport, freight and logistics sector, leading universities and educational organisations, high profile hospitals and Trusts, not for profit organisations and commercial SMEs. A large proportion of our partnerships come from recommendations and tender wins which we believe is testament to our professionalism and success rates.

We deliver considerably better levels of debt recovery services than many other debt collection companies. Our collection methods are fair, transparent, and ethical taking into account your need to collect debts and improve cash flow whilst preserving customer relationships and protecting your established reputation.

Our service makes use of the most up to date legislation for commercial debt recovery, utilising the Late Payment of Commercial Debts (Interest) Act 1998 (LPA) which helps businesses to redress the balance with regard to the cost of chasing overdue commercial debts. Controlaccount will help you to meet some or all the cost of debt collection from the late payment charge and interest; this means that you could receive 100% of your debt, not a proportion as you may do currently.

The advantages of our LPA debt collection services can be made as flexible as you wish and by sharing industry best practice, we can help you integrate the benefits of our service with your existing credit control functions.

Our initial collection methods are focussed on pre-legal recovery using lettering, outbound call campaigns, emails and SMS (where applicable). Where suitable, we will work with the subject to enter into a payment plan if immediate settlement is not an option.

Our overall approach to debt recovery means we can provide solutions for a whole range of debt problems including current ledger balances, written-off debt, post judgement, low value or absconded debt, all of which are fully contingent upon success so there will be no cost to you should we be unable to collect. We take all appropriate actions available to us in resolving any issues including any tracing or investigative work needed to locate your debtor should they have moved and the locating of any assets which may help in the recovery of your debt and where we feel there is a good chance of an award being made in an undefended court action. We will also meet the costs of the court action from recovered funds.

In most cases referred to us for debt collection, our processes bring about a successful outcome but there are times when legal options need to be considered. This is something that we can comprehensively manage on your behalf should we feel that an outcome would be positive. We provide a range of legal debt recovery services from relatively straightforward County Court action, through to High Court, insolvency and complex trade disputes. Controlaccount's in-house Legal Department has the capacity and capability to undertake actions in all jurisdictions.

In our experience, judgements do not always guarantee payment, therefore our Legal Department will advise our clients on the most appropriate and effective method in order to maximise recovery opportunities.

Our case flow debt management system – ClientWeb - cannot be bettered in the industry. It provides up-to-the-minute information on accounts placed with us and has bespoke reporting tools to give you accurate financial data connected with any individual account or inventory placed with us, detailing not only number and value of accounts under recovery, but providing a whole range of information at a touch of a button to enable you to track performance and interact with our service.

For the first time there really is a debt collection agency that is prepared to back up their confidence to collect debts with their own money. You as a client really can receive a no cost debt collection service from beginning to end.

Some of the benefits of using our commercial debt collection service are:

  • Service provided on a no collect, no fee basis
  • No account set up charges
  • Immediate same day action
  • Interactive online access
  • Letter telephone collection
  • Legal recovery option
  • Trace and investigation services
  • Legally trained collectors
  • Early dispute resolution
  • Telephone call recording

Our highly trained collections team have extensive commercial experience and know exactly the course of action that will resolve your outstanding debt problems. All aspects of our recovery service are conducted professionally, courteously and in accordance with Credit Services Association Code of Practice. We are a founding member of the CSA – member 023.

If you would like to learn more about how Controlaccount can deliver this service for your company, please call us on 01527 388 388 or drop us an email. We can arrange a no-obligation consultation or give you a quote almost immediately.

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