Consumer Debt Recovery

Proactive, compliant and ethical debt recovery, Controlaccount Plc has been collecting B2C consumer debt for forty years and provides a fast and proactive collection service on a no-win, no-fee basis, delivering services that are both professional and performance driven. We collect in a fair and ethical manner taking into account your need to collect debts, whilst protecting your reputation. Please note, Controlaccount Plc is unable to collect consumer accounts regulated under the Consumer Credit Act or a consumer hire agreement. We are able to offer services for volume instructions, and have highly developed work-flow strategies to ensure maximum contact and recovery rates – all provided in a secure and compliant environment. We operate leading edge IT and Telephony systems with a debt management system managing a multi seat call centre for collections and pre-legal work. Our systems provide up to the minute information on accounts placed with us and offer bespoke reporting tools to give you accurate financial data connected with any individual account or inventory placed with us and providing a whole range of statistical information at a touch of a button. For more information, get in touch today.

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Controlaccount has been partnering with global businesses and SMEs for forty years. Our range of outsourced solutions enable our clients to reduce operating costs, improve quality and deliver innovation to their customers. Our services provide fully integrated, effective, and flexible solutions to help a business achieve its goals.
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