Legal Services

Our in house litigation team manage all aspects of legal recovery

As a large Commercial Collector, Controlaccount processes many thousands of accounts and past due invoices each year without recourse to Legal Recovery, with the vast majority of these (85%) settling during the letter telephone collection phase. However there will always be accounts that need the focus and structure that the Legal Debt Recovery process adds to any action, this may be because account holders have become in-trenched in their own position refusing to pay or they simply don't believe that you will follow through on any threat of Court Action. Whatever the reason for continued non-payment simply instructing legal action may be throwing "Good Money after Bad" since little may be known about the account holders circumstances and ability to pay.

Given the volume of accounts we handle each year Controlaccount knows very well that Legal Recovery can be an effective tool in the collector’s toolkit but used indiscriminately costs can soon spiral out of control with the level of work involved on the client’s part being disproportionate to eventual return (effort -v- reward). Our Debt Assessment Process (DAP) for Legal Debt Recovery developed by Controlaccount is a way of "Improving the Odds" with a focused debt collection strategy based on intelligence and indentifying those accounts and account holders with the highest payment potential. Our advanced scoring and decision making tools together with other profiling aids gained during the earlier collection phase provide complete account intelligence offering the opportunity "To Improve the Outcome".