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Struggling to get heard? It’s no surprise that we all feel a little overwhelmed by overflowing communication channels. With multiple ways for companies to connect to their audience i.e., social media, Facebook messenger, WhatsApp, standard SMS, telephony … not to mention email (worth noting that a recent survey by the Data & Marketing Association showed that a large proportion of emails users had at least two email addresses) - you can see why sometimes it is difficult to get your message through.

Whilst all the above channels play their part in an integrated comms strategy with your clients, customers and prospects, there is no getting away from it – customers still like the personal touch.

Whether you are looking to promote your products or services via branded direct mail, engage with your clients via a survey, cross sell and upsell, send out dunning letters or credit control reminders, branded lettering – or white labelled lettering – is going to make more of an impression than any other channel.

Benefits of branded lettering and direct mail

  • Personalisation – Our service enables you to tailor everything in your lettering to an exact client or prospect. This could be as simple as using their name and company address within the letter content, but can include other data such as buying preferences, purchase history, upsell of products or services to complement a previous purchase. Branded lettering can also include unique web links, promo codes, QR codes and imagery. The options are endless and will create impact, making your message more memorable.
  • Targeting your ideal customer or prospect – Data segmentation can help you reach your ideal audience more effectively. Options for segmentation include region/geography, ABC1 demographic (gender, age, social grade), household spend or lifestyle – the possibilities are endless to connect you to your ideal customer.
  • Formats – Whilst lettering is the most common option for direct mail, we can help you deliver your on-brand message via a range of formats – leaflets, brochures, greeting cards. We will have the perfect solution to your mail requirements.
  • Reach your recipient – Stay ahead of the curve and cut through the white noise to reach your prospects. With email being the quickest and cheapest communication channel, we are seeing fewer pieces of post than we used to, meaning that direct mail has a greater chance of reaching the recipient’s doormat or desk, rather than finding its way into a junk folder.
  • Track your ROI – By using unique codes such as promo codes, a unique telephone number, directing traffic to a bespoke landing page on your website you can efficiently and accurately measure how successful your mail campaign is.
  • Get results – Nearly 50% of recipients responded positively to direct mailing that they received in 2019. In addition, a recent survey, reported that 62% of people like receiving mail promoting an offer or service. 56% of those surveyed also said that they trust companies who mail to them over those that only email.
  • Cost effective – For less than the price of a postage stamp, Controlaccount can manage your mail services. We’ll work with you to create an impactful campaign and get it delivered on time. We’ll manage any returned mail as it comes back, cleaning your data as we go. This means that your campaigns will become more efficient and effective.

Why use Controlaccount’s branded lettering service?

Controlaccount can help you deliver on-brand communications to your customers or prospects at a low cost. Our direct mail or branded lettering service will help you engage with your audience in a time-efficient, cost-effective manner, that is enormously valuable for your business.

Our service will help to improve efficiency by reducing internal manual labour (we send out 1000s of branded letters each day on behalf of SMEs and leading global businesses). We will also help to reduce your overheads (our branded lettering service costs less that a first-class stamp) and communicate effectively with your audience. We also manage any returned mail (when recipient is not there/gone away) – which enables clients to keep their own records compliant and increase ROI.

We work with our clients to agree template of letter(s) with their own branding and agree a workflow – i.e., which letters go when etc. All letters sent can be viewed via our ClientWeb (and clients can instruct us here or update addresses and records). From here, any further communication can be directed to the client’s own telephone lines, or we can manage calls from our own 24/7 call centre. See our Inbound Call Management services for more information.

Our service is flexible and bespoke to client needs; we will work with you to agree a suitable and effective 360-degree workflow to help you reduce overheads and increase productivity.

If you’re interested in talking to us about how we can help, get in contact today and we will be delighted to discuss your requirements. You can contact us here.

Controlaccount’s wide ranging branded customer care solutions can assist your business objectives

We understand that your customer care services are the public face of your business. With our range of branded customer care solutions which include email, lettering and telephone campaigns we enable you to deliver your brand ethos and mission statement directly to your audience.

Here at Controlaccount, we provide a fully client branded, white labelled service to global brand names, SMEs and not for profits. Our clients trust us to fully manage their communication strategies, taking the pressure off internal resources – and at a fraction of the cost.

We act as an extension of your business, exhibiting the same level of excellence you would expect from your own team. We are committed to delivering excellent customer service in a professional manner, ensuring we maintain and protect your brand reputation at all times.

The branded customer care services we provide include inbound and outbound telephone management, email support, live chat support, social media management, branded lettering, ad-hoc call campaigns and out of hours support.

Our passionate team members specialise in your brand to deliver a seamless branded experience. They consider every call or contact an opportunity to make a great impression.

This is our company culture and our commitment to our clients.

Enlisting our help can benefit your business and cut costs

The benefits of our expert branded outsourced customer care services to your business are wide ranging; reduced costs, streamlined operations, improved productivity, compliance, improved client retention, and increased flexibility. Employing a third-party provider to manage your customer care operations can give you substantial and long-term advantages.

By using Controlaccount to carry out tasks with your branded hat on, means you can focus your internal resource where you need it most, and concentrate on what you do best - running your business. Outsourcing to us is about much more than just reducing your work burden and helping you scale faster, it’s also about enhancing the customer experience.

If you have call volume requirements that fluctuate seasonally, we can help; our customer service call centre specialises in flexibility and scalability. We have the systems in place to scale up or down to manage volume and the tools to anticipate future volume.

Our popular branded lettering service can operate in high volumes and ensures customers and clients receive high quality correspondence. Our branded lettering service is also a hugely cost-effective solution.

Our internal teams will work with you not only on lettering content and making sure that it adheres to your brand guidelines and tone of voice, but we will also advise on workflows and how best to increase productivity further. We will manage all communications for fraction of the price, cleansing and formatting your recipient data and managing any returned mailings.

Branded customer care services are flexible and bespoke to your business needs.

Businesses in a range of industries can utilise our branded customer care services; we offer a wide range of solutions and can work with you on a standalone or multi-channel approach, creating a package to suit your individual business needs.

With customer service such an important element to your business, it is essential to get it right and with Controlaccount’s expertise and skilled team, you can be sure your brand will deliver the best service possible. Interested to find out more? You can contact us here.

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