Case Study

The organisation:

Our client is a global business specialising in freight forwarding, logistics and courier services for shipments from U.S, Canada, China and Europe. In addition to freight services, they also provide a full one-stop service for Amazon sellers in the UK, US, and Europe, and has a turnover of £7.5 million.

The challenge:

When the client approached Controlaccount, they were working with two separate agencies: one for UK collections and another for international recoveries, with both providers falling short of KPIs. There was a tendency for both incumbent agencies to focus on litigation, rather than attempting to collect via the pre-legal route. The client was paying legal fees on accounts, many of which did not bring about a successful outcome. The client identified Controlaccount as the market leader for debt recovery services in the transportation and freight sector, and approached us, looking for better processes and results.

The difference made:

We were initially given one account as proof of concept - 1 x invoice, B2B, which was over X days overdue and totalled £8,000. The account had been worked internally, and our client's customer had stopped engaging with no signs of resolution. During our initial approach, the subject was unresponsive to our initial contact attempts, and it was discovered the company owing the monies was mainly based in the United States - which our Client had been unaware of. There was also limited details on the account holder. After multiple contact attempts via a range of methods, Controlaccount was able to establish contact with the subject, who disputed the debt. A process followed which involved our legal team advising the subject of the high costs of litigation within the US and we sought confirmation if they would pay a settlement amount, as confirmed would be acceptable by our client. The debtor responded, thanking us for our efforts trying to reach an amicable solution and advising that they would be happy to pay a settlement amount. As part of the settlement agreement the company required a Settlement & Release Agreement to be signed by the client, the agreement was drafted by our inhouse Legal Counsel on behalf of the client. Payment of the settlement was received, and the case successfully concluded.

What they said:

The difference between Controlaccount and the incumbent DCAs was like night and day. We were very impressed and will be using Controlaccount moving forward for our overseas and UK recoveries. - AH, Credit Control

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