Case Study

The organisation: The Client is a US-based global delivery service provider with annual revenues of $46 billion.

The challenge: At the time, the client was employing several finance collection agencies to recover VAT and duty, as well as customer transportation costs – mostly low value, high volume. Using multiple agencies was resulting in duplication and other issues, such as complexity in payment files and invoice management. In 2012, in order to reduce costs and streamline processes, the client undertook an internal evaluation to select one single debt recovery agency.

Having scored the highest in terms of sector experience, collection success, reporting capabilities, profitability against performance and process streamlining, Controlaccount was selected as the sole provider of our client’s debt recovery services.

The difference made:

We have improved pre-legal collection rates to 71% with legal collection recovering a further 15%. We are now in our tenth year of this partnership and our client refers over 10,000 accounts to us for collection each month on a 90-day KPI turnaround. At the end of the 90 days, accounts should be settled in full, under an arrangement, within litigation or returned for write off. In addition to branded letter and telephone debt recovery, we provide bespoke services such as ‘fast track’ for customers experiencing financial difficulties, online payment portals for their customers’ convenience, self-management of accounts, communication and reporting through our ClientWeb portal, multi-currency collections, trace and address verification and a fully a comprehensive legal service.

Our data integrity and regular KPI audits have significantly extended recovery and minimised complaints.

What they said:

“Based on openness and a joint ethos of core values, we have a strong ten-year partnership with Controlaccount. No request has been ignored and the tailoring of reports has made everything relatively seamless. This also led to a significant reduction in frontend queries.”

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