Celebrating Employee Ownership Day

 Monday, 24th June 2024 11:32

Friday 21st June saw us celebrating our journey as an Employee Owned Trust (EOT) business, and recognise our dedicated team of employee owners.

Our teams came together to enjoy freshly baked pizzas with a pop-up pizza shop on site for the day, with everyone taking a break in the sunshine to eat together.

Being employee-owned means our team are invested in the success of the firm, have their say in guiding our future, and enjoy the culture that's created by a shared common goal. Thank you to our team for your commitment and hard work. 

The values of being an EOT business:

Empowement: every employee has a stake in the company's success

Collaboration: A culture of teamwork and shared goals

Innovation: Diverse ideas and creativity drive our growth 

Success: When we grow, we all share in the rewards

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