Struggles in the public sector: When housing association tenants don't pay

 Tuesday, 26th January 2021 14:17

For housing associations, trusts and local authorities, unpaid rent is a key contributor to cash flow difficulties and an issue that can seem difficult to resolve.

Eviction of tenants should always be a last resort so putting a realistic payment plan in place for both parties is a wise move. However, there will be times when tenants move on quickly and without a forwarding address, leaving rent arrears.


You will of course have strategies and financial fallback positions in place (including perhaps, debt write-off) but there is another way that you can access recover overdue and unpaid rents.


Social housing expertise


Here at Controlaccount, we have been providing credit management and debt recovery outsourced services for over 40 years.


We are very proud to partner with many leading housing trusts, UK public and not-for-profit organisations, helping them to address cashflow issues caused by non-payment of rents.


We have a thorough understanding of this sector and the challenges that can arise – namely, for those tenants that seem to disappear into thin air. Our highly skilled internal trace team will run a domestic (and international trace, if necessary) locating your previous tenant. We can then mediate and put appropriate payment plans in place. These will be monitored and flagged should payments slow down or stop.

What’s more – as this service is outsourced, you will not spend valuable time trying to reconnect with ex-tenants or trying to recover payment. Our CAI trained collectors and Client Services teams are well versed in how best to approach this type of debt recovery. By partnering with us, we will do the legwork to improve your finances.


Ethical and reassuring


It is not just about bringing you the finances you are owed. We also pride ourselves on delivering a very ethical and fully accountable service.


When we partner with you, our professional, structured and human approach to debt recovery maintains the best possible relationships with everyone involved and protects your reputation.


Our reputation is important too and that’s why Controlaccount is a founding member of the UK Credit Services Association. Its guidelines are woven into our everyday processes, giving you complete peace of mind.


Fully transparent service


Our services are wholly transparent and, via our unique ClientWeb portal, you’ll be able to track and monitor all account activity – seeing where we have connected with tenants and what stage recovery is at; This gives you full control at all times. (You can even upload your accounts and instructions to this portal, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week)



No collect, no fee and no tie ins


So confident are we of our debt recovery services, we work on a ‘no collect, no fee’ basis, and under applicable statutes and regulations including the Late Payment Commercial Debt Act 1998.


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