Why outsourcing your customer care is a smart choice

 Wednesday, 31st March 2021 12:07

As a business you want to promote the best impression to your customers, so it’s vital to make every customer contact as positive and productive as possible.

Whether online or via the telephone, it’s key to provide an efficient and professional service.

Proficient customer service is essential to customer loyalty, retention & engagement and forms a big part of your customer relationship management strategy. If your business is grappling with customer care and customer support challenges, it could be time to consider outsourcing this component of your business process to a specialised provider. Perhaps the team in an existing business cannot handle the volume of customer enquiries they receive, or they cannot provide the 24/7 service that their customers want, or perhaps your business is seasonal so the support you need is ad-hoc. Or it could be that in-house staff are not skilled enough and costly investment in training is required. Whatever the reason, delegating to a partner may be a smart choice.

The benefits of expert outsourced customer care to your business are aplenty; reduced costs, streamlined operations, improved productivity, improved client retention, and increased flexibility. Employing a third-party provider to manage your customer care operations can give you substantial and long-term benefits such as:

It cuts costs

Hiring and retaining employees is a costly undertaking. Organisations running their own contact and fulfilment departments often experience higher costs.  By outsourcing this component of your business processes, you are able to get some stability, check one headache off the list and focus on what you do best - running your business. Outsourcing converts fixed costs into variable costs and allows you to budget effectively. There is no need to invest in employee training or the purchasing of any additional technology that may be required to facilitate this. Outsourcing your customer service can help you save on the capital expenditure, time, and extra effort.

Get access to skilled expertise

Professional outsourcing providers have dedicated teams to provide outstanding customer service which can give your business a competitive edge. These personnel have diverse expertise and skills across different industry and technologies that can help you achieve superior quality and unparalleled proficiency in customer service.

Increase your efficiency and competitiveness

Outsourcing your customer service ensures your customers receive the help they need when they need it. This will make them happier and will leave you less stressed. They will also be able to provide improved response times and plug the gaps when it comes to driving sales, without your in-house team having to burn the midnight oil.

Focus on your core business

In the face of competition, outsourcing your customer care also broadly enables you to focus on core areas of your business while concentrating on its long-term, strategic processes. This will allow you to have the advantage of progressing and staying ahead of the competition.

Get higher revenue

Lastly, customer service providers can work with you to generate revenue through your customer care operations by improving metrics such as first-call resolution, average handle time & customer satisfaction.

With these factors in mind, if you need additional support then we can help. Controlaccount works with UK companies and global brand leaders to improve call centre experience, increase agent efficiency and increasing customer satisfaction by selecting the right channel of communication for any inbound or outbound customer care requirements. From supporting sales and advertising campaigns, query management, account management, routine credit control calls to bespoke customer service communications; we can provide solutions to fit to your Customer Care needs.

For more information on how we may be able to help you, please contact us today.

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