Brexit 2021: Declarations & Tariffs

 Thursday, 22nd October 2020 13:41

What logistics providers need to know: If you are importing and exporting goods between the UK and other counties, you will probably be aware that from Jan 2021, things will change concerning the EU.

What’s going to be different?

From the beginning of next year, the majority of the legislation in place for non-EU import and export will also apply to EU destinations. If you are currently involved in non-EU import and export, you’ll probably be aware that different rules apply to different countries. Many of these are now in renegotiation and you can check progress country by country here.

Digging down into the detail (for both EU and non-EU) the UK Government has published a Border Operating Model document which you can read here.

EU import and export

To import and export goods you will need an EORI number and make a customs declaration (when you have your EORI number in place).

However, before you can make a customs declaration you need to register for the National Export System (or use an agent/ intermediary to do this for you).

You also need a CHIEF.

In addition, to make your customs declaration through the web, you’ll need a HMRC Government Gateway user ID and password. You need to login to HMRC to do this. You can also do this via email and via XML declarations (XML is a software tool).

For each customs declaration you will also need to be able to identify the commodity code, value and duties of the goods you’re moving and also, pay a UK Global Tariff (or duty) depending on the origin and classification of the items you are moving. You can find out more about the classifications here.

You can also use the Government’s check duties and customs procedures for export goods tool.

There is some customs training funding available to help you complete your declarations. This includes support as signposted by Institute of Exporters.    

Movement of goods

As a part of your declarations, you also must be aware of the Goods Vehicle Movement Services (GVMS). HMRC provide more details about this here.   

Here to help

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