European Debt Recovery

Debt recovery from the EU and beyond

Collecting debt in Europe can be challenging for any business and most companies who experience overdue or unpaid invoices across Europe understand that partnering with an established debt recovery agency provides far better results and avoids the usual obstacles they may experience of language barrier, time difference or unfamiliar business culture and legal requirements.

Controlaccount Plc has accumulated a diverse portfolio of clients including many internationally recognised brands where recovering European and international accounts is an integral component of their requirements. Many of our clients operate at varying corporate, group or conglomerate levels.

Our strategy for debt collection outside the UK is unique - it is fast and highly effective whilst fulfilling the need to keep costs low; Controlaccount uses its own highly skilled CAI trained collection team to recover the overdue invoices in the first instance, utilising our Controlaccount service support centres based in Slovenia, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Serbia, Croatia and Macedonia to further support the recovery process. This service is offered on a no collection, no fee basis.

If the recovery process is more complex, we can instruct one of our carefully selected partners throughout the world - who share our values and meet our supplier code of practice - to collect payment. Our debt collection service is provided from a centralised single-point business model and represents the perfect blend of technology and people skills for the recovery of account receivables throughout the UK, Europe and the rest of the world. We also provide data management, credit information, tracing and litigation, all provided in any country with support tools to accommodate any currency or language.

In addition to the collection of overdue or outstanding invoices, Controlaccount and its support services can trace missing debtors, resolve disputes and action legal proceedings in any country, time zone with any currency and language.

Controlaccount is a member of the Federation of European National Collection Associations (FENCA), a governing body that operates in over 20 countries and aims to promote the development of European recovery legislation, education and draws from a network of international specialists.

When collecting debt from Europe, firstly we need to consider if this debt is within the EU or outside of it as that will affect the way we approach the recovery of the debt.