International Debt Recovery

Our international debt recovery expertise

Controlaccount's worldwide team of recovery specialists collected more than £35 million in debt in 2018 with a 90% success rate. We are a truly global collection company providing a service without boundaries. Delivering an international service from a single point, we have developed long-term strategic partnerships with international brands and organisations where their debt recovery and data management needs are of sufficient complexity and scale that our customers value the sophistication of Controlaccount's capabilities and expertise.

Our approach is bespoke; providing a comprehensive range of recovery solutions together with systems and reporting tools that meet with your exact needs, improving communication and reducing administrative workloads. Our international debt recovery service works on a no collect, no fee commission basis – only payable on what we are able to recover. We have a dedicated, CAI accredited international collection team who will evaluate the debt before preparing an effective recovery strategy, using expert knowledge of the challenges associated with overseas debt, coupled with our wide ranging sector experience. We will then work to secure an amicable, positive resolution. Should our initial attempt be unsuccessful, a more localised presence will be required. With our client's agreement, we will instruct one of our trusted global partners to recover the debt for a minimal placement fee. Upon successful collection of overdue amounts, we can provide multi-currency payments, if required.

All of our clients have 24/7 access to our online ClientWeb portal which is a comprehensive and interactive reporting tool, allowing clients to see latest activity and upload new accounts or supporting documents.