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Data Storage: are your data storage processes, systems and locations exposed to security risks, are back-ups always completed or do you have a fear that Client or regulatory compliance is not always being achieved? Our skilled teams specialise in designing, building and deploying complex storage solutions for businesses of all sizes, using both existing systems and other emerging technologies, to help cope with fluctuating and changing demand. As time progresses or your business grows and generates more data, storage and its security will become a bigger consideration – we can provide and manage that flexibility.

File Conversion: Once appropriately and securely stored, is your data maintained in a variety of file formats that are time consuming to work through? Most businesses require their data to be in a format they can easily query and share, but more often than not it has been created using several applications and conversion can be technical and labour intensive. Controlaccount offers bespoke conversion services to or from most document and data formats to enable businesses to access their data quickly. One-off or multi-use software provides solutions to the tedious conversion process, as well as facilitating secure back-up of their original data to a cloud-based location if required.

Data Analytics: Do you know how to covert all your data into reliable, decision making information? Are you able to identify opportunities or shortfalls in process and drive growth in your business? Whether you are onboarding new contracts whose data is stored on obsolete system or striving to piece together multiple datasets stored on various systems in different formats, we can take the stress and strain out of the process, taking out the manual work with no need for your own team to learn about different and unfamiliar formats for one-off tasks saving you money whilst improving turnaround times.

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