Animal Healthcare

Debt recovery for veterinary practices on a no collect, no fee agreement

Recovering money owed to you from customers can be a delicate subject, so having a business partner that understands your business and the issues faced in recovering past due invoices is vital in debt collection: we understand that you have worked hard to establish your reputable veterinary practice and build a solid customer base and we want to protect that. When debt recovery is necessary, Controlaccount Plc will use its experience, expertise and professionalism to strengthen the relationship between you and your customers. We work with leading veterinary practices to recover their overdue invoices by providing a range of services that ensures early recovery and promotes a positive payment culture.

Controlaccount has provided a fast and proactive Animal Healthcare Debt Collection Service for more than 30 years on a no collect, no fee basis, delivering considerably better levels of service than other agencies in terms of understanding the sector and customer care. A well respected organisation in the field of veterinary practice debt recovery, our methods in collecting overdue accounts are fair, transparent and ethical taking into account your need to collect your debts whilst preserving customer relationships and protecting your business reputation.