Controlaccount works with private hospitals, medical and dental practitioners, NHS clinics and Trusts as well as Embassies and insurers to provide a sensitive, fast and proactive debt collection service on a no collect, no fee basis.

We have a thorough understanding of the complexities of patient care and offer a range of recovery strategies to successfully collect overdue invoices including private patient, non-UK nationals, salary overpayments and commercial charges. We are a well-respected organisation in the field of healthcare debt recovery; our methods in collecting overdue accounts are fair, transparent and ethical taking into account your need to collect your debts whilst preserving client patient confidentiality and relationships.

Our services allow medical practices to operate more effectively and efficiently. Our robust and compliant approach to data security means that patient confidentiality and sensitivity is at the forefront of our approach and our innovative, online, client management portal supports this, allowing you to refer, upload and manage activity with the highest level of security.

Partnering with Controlaccount will provide your clinic or hospital with around the clock expert services tailored to your exact needs.

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