Transportation and Logistics

Controlaccount has provided debt recovery services to the transport and logistics sector, processing high volume instruction levels for leading global corporations and SMEs for over two decades. We have an in-depth understanding of the challenges often associated with recovery in this sector connected with Duty/VAT, HMRC, freight charging structures and shipping charges. We provide recovery services for both commercial businesses and consumers who have outstanding charges as a result of international shipping and VAT.

In addition, we provide a range of services designed to support clients' internal processes, adding value and having a direct impact on profitability, productivity and driving better results. We operate leading edge IT, database and telephony systems that we believe cannot be bettered in the industry. All clients have access to an interactive online portal in order to manage and view projects managed by us.

Our service is flexible and bespoke to your business needs: supporting internal processes, adding value to existing recovery processes and reducing Days Sales Outstanding (DSO) and bad debts.

Get in touch today on our industry experience, specialist knowledge for international Transportation / VAT issues and how Brexit might impact you.

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We are associate members of the British International Freight Association.

Take a look at our video which explains the comprehensive debt recovery service we offer for this sector:

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