Education Debt

Recovering outstanding amounts for the Education sector with integrity & compliance

Controlaccount Plc has a comprehensive and effective range of collection services for the education sector, backed by over 30 year’s credit management and debt recovery experience. We have an excellent track record of successfully collecting unpaid school fees, tuition fees, higher education fees, library fees, commercial debts and other outstanding sundry invoices on behalf of educational institutions, including leading universities, independent schools, colleges and training organisations.

One of the challenges faced by universities when trying to recover debt is that students can be highly mobile and locating them once they have changed address can be difficult, especially if they are from overseas. With a dedicated in-house team of investigators and a network of agents worldwide we are skilled at tracing individuals and recovering debt in the UK and overseas jurisdictions.

Our dedicated recovery and client services team will:

  • Recover outstanding debts, tracing the debtor where necessary – we operate throughout the UK and internationally, enabling recovery of debt from non-UK students
  • Arrange manageable payment and collection of payments in order to minimise missed or late payments
  • Robust and professional approach, operating with integrity and fairness at all times