Transport and Logistics

As an experienced provider to both SMEs, multi-national and international corporations processing high volume instruction levels, Controlaccount has an in-depth understanding of the problems associated with recovery in this sector connected with Duty/VAT, HMRC, Freight Charging Structures and Shipping Charges and provides effective services designed to support clients internal processes, add value to existing recovery processes, provide knowledgeable support to educate debtors and reduce DSO (Days Sales Outstanding). Our overall approach to debt recovery means that we can provide solutions for a whole range of debt challenges including current ledger balances, duty, VAT recovery, written-off debt, post judgement, low value or absconded debt, all of which are fully contingent upon success so there will be no cost to you should we be unable to collect. We take all appropriate actions available to us in resolving any issues including any tracing or investigative work required.

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Controlaccount has been partnering with global businesses and SMEs for forty years. Our range of outsourced solutions enable our clients to reduce operating costs, improve quality and deliver innovation to their customers. Our services provide fully integrated, effective, and flexible solutions to help a business achieve its goals.
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