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Our group company identeco provides our Clients an easy-to-use online portal and services, providing valuable business insights into any UK registered company.

An annual subscription provides unlimited online searches for any UK registered company and the ability to download detailed financial reporting, director and shareholder structures and associated companies, financial health ratings and creditor days.

Other services included in a subscription include account monitoring, database audits and marketing and telesales lists as well as preferential rates to other toolkits and services to improve business performance.

Unlimited manual access to our information is already provided as part of the annual subscription, but where required, can also be offered as a tailored integration to your own systems: providing your company an ability to have real-time protect and grow your business, understand your customers and avoid risk.

For more information, visit identeco or contact us today.

Understand customers, grow your business and manage risk

We pride ourselves on our innovative solutions to enable clients to drive their businesses forward.

Our sister company, identeco is an online business and company data portal which provides valuable business insights into over 4m UK companies.

Subscribers can perform unlimited searches of any UK company or business and view and download detailed financial reporting, director and shareholder structures and cross-associations, credit ratings, creditor days and suggested credit amounts.

In fact, there are nine vital business data services that the portal provides, including database audits, marketing lists, b2b telesales data, as well as competitive rates to further Toolkits and services to support your business.

To learn more about the how you can grow your business, protect yourself from risk and understand your customers, visit or call 01527 386 607

How much is subscription and what does it include?

An annual subscription to identeco Business Support Toolkit is £79.95 + VAT per year and provides unlimited access to the following services:

  • Company reports and detailed financials on over 4m UK companies
  • An at-a-glance credit rating to indicate overall company health
  • Creditor days
  • Suggested credit limit
  • Director and shareholder structures
  • Detrimental data such as CCJs, if they exist
  • Database audit reports to check for compliance and duplicates
  • Marketing, mailing, telesales and prospecting lists
  • Account monitoring
  • Preferential rates to other Toolkit and services including trace and legal services and AML checks

Benefits of using identeco’s Business Support Toolkit

  • Understand your suppliers – can you trust your supplier not to let you down? identeco will give you a full understanding of the size of your supplier’s operations and their trading history
  • Know your customers and competitors – our company reports will provide reliable, up to date insights on trading history, the average time that it takes a company to pay their invoices and how much credit would be a safe amount to provide, as well as an at-a-glance credit score.
  • Reach new prospects – download unlimited bespoke marketing lists to enable your sales and marketing teams to engage with new potential customers
  • Keep an eye on new entrants to market – full transparency on any business moving into your sector or any competition to your own industry, which may drive up supplier costs
  • Data efficiency – Upload your database to a secure portal and identeco will run checks to identify duplicates, incorrect or invalid data and run against mortality register to keep data performing at its best
  • Expand your portfolio with access to companies that may be open to a merger or buy out

Get started today –for £79.95 year

Sign up is quick and easy and once subscribed you can use the portal as many times as you like. There is no limit on usage, searches or marketing list downloads.

Want to hear what others say about identeco? Read what our subscribers say here.

If you would like to talk to one of our team about how we can reenergise your data, call identeco on 01527 386 607.

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