Payroll Management and Reporting

Managing payroll efficiently is integral to healthy business cash-flow and staff retention, that’s why a robust and reliable payroll function is vital. As an employer, you are legally obliged to operate a traceable payroll system which records all payments and provides HMRC with RTI (real time information) updates. Payroll legislation is updated frequently, and there are complex protocols such as Employer’s NI contributions, income tax rate brackets, student loan repayments, auto enrolment contributions, pensions and commission structures that need to be delivered accurately and on time. There is little room for error as there are fines associated with late reporting and this can often be a challenge for firms where one person is managing this function. Controlaccount’s Payroll Management & Reporting services provide a reliable, secure and efficient alternative to managing this function in house. Using the services of our dedicated payroll team, you can reduce operating costs across headcount (and associated HR), software and hardware, as well as saving time, allowing you to focus on your business’ core activity.

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