Managed Post and Digital Mailroom Solutions

Controlaccount works with global B2B and B2C organisations helping them to achieve digital transformation, reduce costs and improve efficiency. Our post and mailroom services are fully automated to ensure that all inbound and outbound mail is digitised, reducing time-consuming manual processes and have a positive impact on a business’ overheads.

Our services are scalable and cost effective, automating workflow, helping your business to be more sustainable.

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What is a managed post & digital mailroom solution?

It is a way of digitising and managing inbound and outbound mail, improving cost and efficiency. For organisations looking to take the next steps into the automated world, an excellent starting position is to enhance and streamline their mail solutions by the way they receive both electronic and physical forms of post or mail. A digital mailroom automates inbound and outbound mail, using intelligent document creation and processing techniques, aligned with document scanning, document capture, postal payment technology and more.

A traditional mailroom is populated by people, and we can make human errors. Digital mailrooms do not suffer this problem; in addition, they help a mailroom to be more productive. This assurance means your mail is processed more effectively with greater, predictable accuracy. With a digital mailroom electronic mail is saved and accessible quickly at any time.

Our post and mailroom services help streamline your company communications

We work with a wide range of businesses to provide inbound and outbound mail solutions, managing the processes for all digital communication, delivering stronger customer relationships and significant cost savings for our clients. Controlaccount’s mailroom solution provides real, tangible benefits for your organisation. We are aware that for you, the mailroom is less about the solution and how we deliver it, but more about the immediate benefit to your organisation, and how it will improve not only the way you work, but the culture around the creation of paper. Other benefits include a reduction in operating costs – as using our print and mail solutions reduce the costs of sorting, organising and manually tagging documents, enabling focus on revenue generating tasks. We help you stay compliant such as meeting the main principles of GDPR which is much easier when records and data are digital. Using a managed post and digital mailroom also gives greater security, the faster retrieval of documents and saves space due to physical documents not being required.

Our services are scalable and flexible

Incoming information and post is the lifeblood of any organisation; orders, customer correspondence, payments, application forms and so on. Processing, sorting, and distributing this information quickly is crucial to the growing business, and these things are not achieved it can restrict growth, frustrate staff and lead to customer and supplier complaints. An electronic mailroom takes all the stress and management resource requirements away from you and places the onus on Controlaccount as a service provider. We work to integrate our process with your systems or implement our own for your use.

The benefits of our digital mailroom solutions are clear: greater productivity, lower costs and better access to critical information. In addition, utlising a managed post and digital mailroom solution can help to achieve the following:

  • Speed up processing of all forms of incoming business documentation
  • Improve decision-making with up-to-date and accurate information
  • Boost productivity and reduce response and mail delivery times. Review and take action on mail pieces from anywhere
  • Support corporate policies and compliance with traceability and records management

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